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Tuesday, 24 Nov at 9:30 am




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Shut Up & Write sessions are part of a worldwide movement.
They’re regular, structured social writing sessions, designed to overcome research student isolation while helping you beat procrastination.
Graduate students can use these sessions to write well and write together, providing moral support and motivations.
Shut Up & Write sessions use the Pomodoro Technique.
Pomodoro method ingredients:
– 1 pen/pencil
– 1 piece of writing that you would like to focus on for the session
– Maintained, considered focus
1. Spend 25-30 minutes focusing on your piece, with zero distractions
2. Once the time is up, take a break of 5 minutes, away from the work, get a drink, do some stretches
3. Spend another 25-30 minutes focusing on your work
4. Enjoy the work you’ve been able to focus on for the last hour!
We’ll be facilitating three Pomodoro’s each session

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