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Tuesday, 23 Aug at 10:00 am




As interactions between humans and technology become increasingly complex, humans must adapt in ways we never have before.

In an age when artificial intelligence, robotics and digital technologies are fundamentally changing the way we think and live, questions are emerging about what a robotic future means for human beings. Dr Chris Stanton will discuss establishing trust and symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

Dr Stanton has worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Human–Machine Interaction at the MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University. He has conducted research in autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, and human-robot interaction for a diverse range of applications. His current research focuses on how the behaviour and appearance of autonomous robots and artificial intelligence can influence people’s attitudes, decision-making processes, and task performance when working cooperatively with such systems. Examples include investigating the impact of a robot’s bodily movement upon trust, teaching a robot to hear, using motion capture for teleoperation without kinematic models, and coaching robot soccer players.