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If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of an Amazing Race, it’s like the TV Show without having to leave the country!


The game begins with an entertaining Opening Ceremony and explanation hosted by one of our awesome professional actors. This epic adventure will see each team locate checkpoints by following a map and solving cryptic clues. At each checkpoint you’ll need to complete a challenge including eating competitions, constructions tasks, cryptic puzzles, and detours. You’ll also be faced with sabotage missions, creative photo bonuses, locked challenges, and contend with Lady Luck.

Teams will cross paths as you attempt to find the best route to complete the game and make your way to the final checkpoint. Even though RACE is in the title the winners are not based on being the fittest, fastest, or first across the finish line. It’s more about WHAT you do, rather than how FAST you do it, making this awesome fun for all ages and fitness levels.

Once all teams have made their way to the final checkpoint our hosts hold the most entertaining and suspenseful Closing Ceremony you could hope for! With competitive banter flowing between teams we finally reveal the winners, award them with their medals and most importantly; their bragging rights! With new relationships formed and rematches being demanded, we leave you to the sweet sound of your team buzzing from an unforgettable day.

Meeting point:

Front Lawns, 1888 Building

The University of Melbourne

Grattan St

Parkville, VIC 3010