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Friday, 09 Jul at 2:00 pm




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International Student Podcast – Episode 3

The International Student Podcast – Episode 3 will be on sexual health. We will look into sexual health topics including:

  • What is sexual health?
  • Where can you get support for sexual health?
  • What should you be aware of regarding sexual health?

The podcast will be held online via Zoom. Questions can be posted in the chat function during the recording and will be answered by our guest speakers.

What is the International Student Podcast?

The International Student Podcast (IS Podcast) is a three-part special peer-based podcast for international students at the University of Melbourne navigating health and wellbeing. The podcast will feature two episodes on mental health and one episode on sexual health, delivered with strategic partners. The podcast will focus on how to access health services, dispel stigma and encourage international students to use health services.

If you have not accessed already the previous podcasts, find links to them here:

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Podcast Episode 2 – Healthy Relationships (link coming soon)
Podcast Episode 3 – Sexual Health