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GSA Holiday Art Class

Thursday 01 Jul, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Creature Collage Project

Compose a Creature Through Collage Art

Collage Art are made like people are made; They entail a process of change through a passage of time and are constructed, built, and develop in much the same way as a body or a journey. Collage has so many possibilities and is a great way to create amazing compositions. This workshop is perfect for students to play around and experiment, see what others create and explore design. Collages can be figurative or abstract and it is a perfect method of image making to use in a creative visual journal or to make pieces of art to frame.

In this unique workshop, I will show students how I draw a creature from my imagination, and assemble, adjust, de-construct, and re-construct collections of pictures that to all intents and purposes accumulate to become a flat, two-dimensional design.

Students can join this fun workshop where they’ll discover collage techniques, colour and textures. They will compose a creature image from magazines and papers to create striking designs. I will walk students through the creative process for designing beasts, monsters, and creatures of all shapes and sizes, rooted in solid three-dimensional drawing technique and paper cuttings. I will teach how Professional artists develop an idea, considerations for reference, narrative elements of design and much more in this exclusive workshop!

Learning outcome:

Students will engage in this exclusive workshop exercise where they will develop their own unique design style, learn how to use it in a range of contexts, and understand the relationships and collaborative frameworks essential to bringing successful performance projects to fruition. Students will also Identify and use design skills and techniques appropriate to storytelling and image making.

Who is this for?
This workshop is ideal for anyone with no required skill or experience.

Students who are interested in developing a new skill, honing an existing practice, or using collage art to impart your perspective or influence others in community and workplace settings, as well as in personal or group projects. If students enjoy learning practical techniques, collaborating in creative teams and sharing ideas, this workshop is for them.


Duration: 120 mins


Knowledge Required



What you’ll get in your craft kit

• Paper/card for collage

• Magazine pages

• Decorative paper pieces


What you’ll need

• Scissors and/or cutting blade

• Glue stick or paste-type adhesive

• Cutting mat (optional)

• Old piece of card or paper as working space

• Crayons, acrylic paint, pencils or pens (all optional)



• Drawing Paper


Thursday 01 Jul, 2021
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Event Category:


Graduate Student Association


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