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Artist statement workshop: a guide to preparing a professional statement. Part of GSA's Art Prize 2021. Images of foliage and a hand writing on paper.


Tuesday, 12 Oct at 3:30 pm




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GSA Art Prize: Artist Statement Workshop

An artist’s statement is as important as an artist’s work. Simply put, the artist statement is a brief description of your artwork that shapes the viewers’ perspective when they are looking at your art.

Think of it as your substitute when you are not present to answer questions related to your art. Art is subjective. People will look at your craft and evaluate it. So, it helps if you communicate your story to the viewer. Viewers often have questions about the art they are looking at. An effective artist statement answers those questions while you are not there.

This workshop will guide you through the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’, assisting you to prepare a professional artist statement to support your GSA Art Prize submission.

When: Tuesday 12 October, 3.30-5pm