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Friday, 20 Nov at 3:00 pm



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Looking to connect and get those creative juices flowing?

Grad student Nila Shekarvand has you covered. Just because we have been sharing our worlds virtually this year, doesn’t mean we can’t inspire each other through connection and reflection.

Nila will create a fun, collaborative space where you will learn to focus your attention on a different angle, change your perception, and see through a camera lens. You will engage in a series of short and fun exercises to invigorate your creativity, using another’s Zoom background for inspiration. You may want to think about what your own background will be.

All you need is something to draw with, and something to draw on.
Pens, markers, pencil, paints; paper, cardboard, an old t-shirt or other material – whatever speaks to you! You are encouraged to have your camera on where possible (and if you are comfortable).

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About the Artist

Nila has over ten years experience as an artist, graphic designer and art director, and is currently studying a masters in Contemporary Art. Her project involves drawing and painting a collection of 52 portraits of inspirational women.