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The BIg Issue Speaker Series, with icons of interconnected speech bubbles.


Wednesday, 15 Sep at 2:00 pm



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The Big Issue Speaker Series

The Big Issue’s Speaker Series is suitable for university students in any discipline, and is designed to help equip graduates with deeper understanding, increased empathy and broader perspectives as you continue your studies and begin your careers.

Through the story of a guest speaker, the Big Issue’s Speaker Series helps students understand how disadvantage and marginalisation impacts the clients and customers they may encounter in their studies or careers.

Participation in the Speaker Series will teach you:

  • what disadvantage and marginalisation means in an Australia context, tailored to students’ field of study
  • the causes and impacts of disadvantage and marginalisation and how you can consider these things in your future career
  • how to build a more inclusive and empathetic outlook.

Guest speakers will share their experience of disadvantage and focus on their interactions with professionals from students’ discipline areas.