Board Member Nominee:

Hey everyone, my name is Ethan (he/him) and this year I am running for GSA Board.

As last year’s International Officer, I promised to support international graduate students facing homesickness, work-life balance issues, financial struggles and feelings of isolation. I’m happy to say I was able to help students tackle these challenges by organizing events like the International Student Socials and implementing my mentorship initiative, the International Student Buddy Program, in addition to providing personalized support. This feeling of accomplishment has made me feel so gracious to be a part of a wonderful GSA community.

Being able to contribute to the graduate student community and learn from each individual’s journey has been incredibly fulfilling. I’m eager to continue advocating for graduate students on a broader scale by stepping into the Board role. In this position, I’ll have a greater voice in addressing issues, strategic planning and influencing key decisions at the university to ensure that graduate students receive the best support possible, so that we can achieve the best university experience!

Vote[1] Together to support Student Livelihoods, Responsible Governance and an Uplifted University Experience.