Board Member, Activities Officer and Law Nominee:

I am a current first-year JD student with a Bachelor of Legal and Dispute Studies from RMIT. As a new student to Melbourne University, I am often looking for ways to get involved while also giving back to others in the community. At RMIT University, I participated in the Student Consultative Committee. As a student representative, I networked with course leaders and academics and presented solutions to improve my program. This position improved my conversational skills and developed my leadership confidence. My leadership confidence will prove useful when making decisions and leading meetings, and my conversational skills will allow me to create lasting friendships and champion social movements. 

Currently, I am a member of the Melbourne Student Forum. As a student delegate, I have received training to enhance my collaboration and communication skills. This position has also exposed me to the idea that a diverse community of students brings unique strengths and perspectives. As a member of the GSA, I hope to use my skills and experience to create a better educational environment for all.