Nominations for the GSA Election for Representative Council Members (Families Officer and Indigenous Officer) and Faculty Council are open from 9am Friday 28 May 2021. The nomination period has been extended and are now open on an ongoing basis.

GSA Representative Council and Faculty Council Nomination Form

GSA Election Nomination Form 2021 (Rep and Faculty Council)
Please note that you must also be a GSA Member to be eligible to run for election. This can be done by 'Opting in' though your eStudent Portal (Details section).
Maximum upload size: 3MB
For further information on Restricted Positions please read the GSA ConstitutionGSA Electoral Regulationsand the President's Memo
*To be eligible for 'Restricted Positions', you must identify with the related representative office.
Maximum upload size: 3MB
Upload your headshot as a portrait format. This will be used for publishing on the Official Ballot and GSA website, should your nomination be found valid.
Please provide a statement of your suitability to the role and your connection to the cohort nominated for. This will also be used as your candidate statement if confirmed.
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