Nominations for the 2023 GSA Election for the, Board, Representative Council, and Faculty Council members have now closed.

No nominations were received for First Nations Officer. Additionally, a few Faculty Council positions only received one (or none). Consequently, nominations have reopened for the following positions. 

– Representative Council: First Nations Officer

– Faculty Council: Law
– Faculty Council: Arts
– Faculty Council: Education
– Faculty Council: Fine Arts

Nominations close at 5pm on Wednesday March 29 at 5:00 pm.

All nominations must be submitted via the form below.

GSA Election Nomination Form 2023

GSA Election Nomination Form 2023

Please note that you must also be a GSA Member to be eligible to run for election. This can be done by 'Opting in' though your eStudent Portal (Details section) and can be done after nominating but must be done before voting opens.
For further information on Restricted Positions please read the GSA Constitution and the GSA Electoral Regulations
*To be eligible for 'Restricted Positions', you must identify with the related representative office.
*only select multiple options where you are enrolled in a program with cross-faculty components
Please provide a statement of your suitability for the role and your connection to the cohort nominated for. This will also be used as your candidate statement if confirmed.
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