Announcement of GSA Election 2023

GSA is a student led organisation, for students. We elect student representatives to assist in running GSA and to represent the student body at the University of Melbourne. GSA’s current Constitution, adopted in 2020, provides leadership roles for 38 graduate students. As a member of GSA (an enrolled graduate student at the University of Melbourne), you have the right to vote and elect your representatives.

The process

GSA Board members and Representative Councillors are elected by the graduate students at a general election.

A general election will be held each year in Semester 1, within the first eight weeks of Semester 1 and will be completed at least two weeks prior to the annual general meeting.

All elections must be:

  • held by secret ballot;
  • held pursuant to the Electoral Regulations; and
  • regulated by the Electoral Tribunal.

There must be a separate ballot for GSA Board members and Representative Councillors.

 Key Dates
13 March 2023 Monday Nominations Open (9 am)
22 March 2023 Wednesday Nominations Close (5 pm)
03 April 2023 Monday Voting Opens (9 am)
14 April 2023 Friday Voting Closes (12 pm)
18 May 2023 Thursday Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Read more about the Constitution and Electoral Regulations.

Information Session

An information session will be held on Monday 20th of March in Room 198-1-141 from 5:30 to 6:30pm for people thinking of nominating to address any questions you may have.

An additional session will be held on Friday 24th March at midday in room 198-1-141 for those who have nominated who still have questions about the election process.

GSA Electoral Regulations

All elections must be held pursuant to the Electoral Regulations, run by the appointed Returning officer and overseen by the Electoral Tribunal.

For more information on the rules please read the GSA Electoral Regulations

For information on what happens if you breach the Electoral Regulations please read Breaches Of The Electoral Regulations And Potential Penalties


GSA Elected Representatives will be paid an honorarium to be determined by the Members at a general meeting in May 2023.

The General Secretary may request proof of enrolment to confirm that GSA Elected Representatives are entitled to receive an honorarium as per the constitution following the election process. GSA has an obligation to verify that international students nominating for Office Bearer positions have sufficient work rights to hold the relevant position.  The Returning Officer will collect visa status information from international student candidates so that work rights can be verified.

Please see attached the proposed Honorarium Memo for membership approval at the AGM in May 2023.

Find out more

Stephen Luntz is the Returning Officer for these elections. Stephen will be in room 198-1-101 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1pm to 5pm. If you have any questions you can contact him then, or at other times on or on 0438 667 787.

2023 positions up for nomination

The GSA Board

Board members elected by the members hold office for two years. A GSA Board member casual vacancy is appointed by the Board members. They hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting following their appointment.

There will be x3 board member positions available for nomination this election.

Find out more about the GSA Board here


The GSA Representative Council

Representative Council Members are elected by members to their respective portfolios for one year.  A GSA Representative Council Member is appointed by members and holds office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting following their appointment.

Officer Position Number of positions available
Activities Officer x1 Position
Women’s Officer* x1 Position
International Officer* x1 Position
Health and Welfare Officer x1 Position
Families Officer* x1 Position
Queer Officer* x1 Position
Education (Coursework) Officer* x1 Position
Education (Research) Officer* x1 Position
First Nations Officer* x1 Position
Disability and Equity Officer* x1 Position
Environment and Sustainability Officer x1 Position

*The following positions refer to restricted constituencies

Restricted constituencies refer to a limitation on voting so that those who identify as being part of that constituency are able to vote for that officer at elections, for example the women’s officer only being elected by graduates who identify as women. This is provided for under 9.8(b) of the GSA Constitution which states that “the GSA Board may determine annually the restrictions (if any) on voting in elections for Representative Councillors representing particular constituencies”.

Find out more about the GSA Rep council and the restricted constituencies here


The GSA Faculty Council

The Faculty Council will comprise two graduate students from each faculty who are elected by other graduate students in their faculty. The faculty council will hold their positions for one year.

Faculty Number of positions available
Architecture, Building and Planning x2 Positions
Arts x2 Positions
Business and Economics x2 Positions
Education x2 Positions
Engineering and IT x2 Positions
Fine Arts and Music x2 Positions
Law x2 Positions
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences x2 Positions
Science x2 Positions
Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences x2 Positions

Find out more about the GSA Faculty Council here