Role of the Representative Council

Representative Councillors are responsible for advising the GSA Board and advocating on behalf of the graduate students and the portfolios they represent. The role and powers of the Representative Council are set out in Rule 9.1.


Representative Councillors will be paid an honorarium to be determined by the Members at a general meeting (Rule 9.3).

Representative Councillors are not employees of UMGSA (Rule 9.2).


The composition of the Representative Council is set out in Rule 9.6.

The Representative Council will comprise at least eight and up to fifteen Representative Councillors – each responsible for representing a portfolio (Rule 9.6).


The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (GSA) is seeking individuals to fill casual vacancies on the GSA Representative Council until its next Annual General Meeting (May 2022).

Please note, these are restricted positions as per our Constitution which have the eligibility requirements set out below:

  • First Nations Officer
    • Must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin.
  • Families Officer
    • Must be a student parent, or have other caring responsibilities.

View casual vacancy position description.

Nominations for this position close at 5pm on Monday 15 August 2022.

The GSA Representative Council will elect a graduate student to the casual vacancy from the nominations received at an online meeting to be held 4-5pm on Thursday 18 August. Candidates will be invited to give a 2-minute speech at the meeting via Zoom. The online nomination form can be found below.

Candidates should ensure they are available to attend the online election 4-5pm on Thursday 18 August.

Learn more about GSA Elections – read our Constitution and Electoral Regulations (PDF). For questions about the role please email GSA Interim CEO Jeremy Waite or Returning Officer Stephen Luntz

Nominations for this position closed at 5pm on Monday 15 August 2022.