The GSA Faculty Council

What is the Faculty Council?

The Faculty Council is a subcommittee comprised of elected graduate students acting as a conduit between their faculty, and the Board and Representative Council at GSA. Their role is to advise the GSA Board and Representative Council about service delivery, representation and policy work relative to their respective faculties.

The Faculty Council will comprise two graduate students from each faculty who are elected by other graduate students in their faculty.

What is a Faculty Council Member?

Faculty Council Members serve as representatives and advocates for students of their respective faculty. They work closely with the Board and Representative Council, as well as engage with graduate students, University contacts and student groups as appropriate. These position gives students skills in dealing with key Faculty contacts, building professional networks and communication skills.

Faculty Council Election Information

Faculty Council elections are a time where students can nominate themselves to become a Faculty Council Members and for students to vote on their chosen candidate.

Nominations for the Faculty Council (2023-2024) will open on 13 March 2023.

Available GSA Faculty Council positions (2023-2024)
Number of positions available
Architecture, Building and Planning x2 Positions
Arts x2 Positions
Business and Economics x2 Positions
Education x2 Positions
Engineering and IT x2 Positions
Fine Arts and Music x2 Positions
Law x2 Positions
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences x2 Positions
Science x2 Positions
Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences x2 Positions