GSA Board

The composition of the GSA Board is set out in Rule 7.7.

The GSA Board comprises eight Members, including four Board Official positions and four ordinary GSA Board member positions. At least 50% of the GSA Board members must be women.

The Board Official positions are as follows:

  • President;
  • Vice President;
  • General Secretary; and
  • Treasurer


Eligibility for the GSA Board

GSA Board members

Pursuant to Rule 7.8, individuals seeking election to the GSA Board must:

  • support the Principal Purpose of UMGSA;
  • be a Member of UMGSA;
  • not be staff members of UMGSA (or have been staff members within the preceding 12 months); and
  • not be disqualified from acting as Directors under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or as Responsible Persons under the ACNC Legislation.
Board Officials

Only GSA Board members are eligible to be Board Officials (Rule 8.3).



GSA Board members

GSA Board members are elected by the graduate students of UMGSA in accordance with UMGSA’s Electoral Regulations (Rule 7.9).

Board Officials

The Board Official positions are elected by the GSA Board members from among the GSA Board members (Rule 8.4 (a)).


GSA Board members and Board Officials will be paid an honorarium to be determined by the Members at a general meeting (Rule 7.3).

GSA Board members and Board Officials are not employees of UMGSA (Rule 7.2).

Term of Office

GSA Board members elected by the Members hold office for two years. A GSA Board member appointed by the Members to fill a casual vacancy holds office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting following their appointment. A GSA Board member may be re-elected for one further term only (Rule 7.10).

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