Board Member Nominee:

Hello, my name is Devyani and I’m studying a Master of Education. Two things I strongly believe in are giving back to my community, and that no one should have to face anything alone – which is why for the last two years I have volunteered with Peer Mentoring for the Arts and Education faculties, Student as Partners, and was also a Student Delegate at the Melbourne Leadership Conference.

Since joining the board in February, I have utilised over six years of public sector experience to ensure that we remain fair and transparent in our financial and legal decision making. There are massive discrepancies in how our university treats various student groups; I want to close this gap by advocating for the thousands of graduates whom GSA serves, but whose voices are not always equally valued by our institution.

Aside from my personal candidacy, I implore you not to vote based on these short statements – please attend the AGM, listen to all the nominees’ speeches, and question us on what we have done, and will do, for you – your student fees enable GSA to operate so we are answerable to you. Make an informed decision, and make your vote count!