Board Member, Women's Officer and International Officer Nominee:

Women’s Officer Statement:

Hey, I’m Deli Zhou (she/her), currently studying Master of Media and Communication. I am running for Women’s Officer.

As a woman myself, I understand the importance of having a voice and representation in our academic community. I believe that women’s issues deserve dedicated attention and action.

In my academic journey, I’ve actively supported empowerment and gender equality initiatives. I’m dedicated to advocating for women’s rights and well-being within GSA and our university community.”

If elected, I’m willing to create a more deveristy/inclusive and supportive environment for womens. I will dedicate most of my time and willing to address any challenges faced by women in our academic and ensure that your voices are heard and respected. I will open a social media account for your to share your experiences, ideas and aspirations. I willing to listen to your voices, whoever and wherever you are.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your Women’s Officer and to contribute to building a more equitable and diversity university for all. Thank you for your support.

International Officer Statement:

Hey, I’m Deli Zhou, and I’m running for the position of International Officer. I’m currently a second-year student studying Master of Media and Communication.

I understand the challenges faced by international students because I’ve experienced them myself, such as language barriers as English is our second language; mental health problem as we leave our families; and financial issues as we move abroad. I want to make things easier for all of us by improving communication, providing mental health support, and creating more career opportunities.

With my background in welfare volunteering and involvement in various clubs, I understand the importance of prioritising well-being for academic success. I’m also passionate about providing career opportunities and support during financial challenges.

If elected as your International Officer, I promise to represent our diverse and motivated international student community. Voting for me means voting for an inclusive office that welcomes students from all walks of life.

Thank you.

Board Member Statement:

I’m Deli Zhou, a Master of Media and Communication student. I’m running for the GSA Board. During my academic journey, I have been involved with several student-led clubs, societies, and have volunteered at many events.

With my experience in volunteering, mentoring, and advising students, I aim to provide quality assistance, service, and welfare to our students. My goal is not only to offer our graduate students an enjoyable and social university experience but also additional support. I’m open to listening, as it’s an effective way to identify the exact services our students need.

Because I study media, I’m capable of effectively communicating the message of GSA support to our graduate students, ensuring all of you are aware of every event, service, and support that we provide, and underscoring the importance of your participation. I’m also committed to encouraging more student-led discussions with university stakeholders to emphasise student voices and needs.

If elected to the GSA board, I will work diligently to enhance the students’ community services, listen to and engage with student voices, strive for more funding, and support the GSA’s efforts in promoting equality, welfare, and accessibility for all graduate students