Start a Grad Group

A Grad Group is a GSA-affiliated student society that supports, and is led by, graduate students at the University of Melbourne. GSA’s Grad Groups promote interaction, welfare and cohesion within the University of Melbourne’s diverse graduate student population.

Becoming a GSA-affiliated Grad Group

Affiliation is a contract between your Group’s committee and GSA. Regardless of whether your group has been around for years or has only just started to come together, the affiliation process allows a student group to officially become a Grad Group. When a Grad Group affiliates with GSA, it remains a separate entity. GSA provides support to the group, but the group managed and complies with its own procedures and requirements, and governs itself effectively.

Affiliation benefits

An affiliated Grad Group receives:

  • Funding and grants
  • Room and equipment hire in the GSA 1888 Building
  • Representation
  • Networking opportunities with GSA and other Grad Groups
  • Marketing assistance
  • Training
  • Public liability insurance
  • Services support and advice
  • What you need to affiliate

    If you’re interested in forming a Grad Group, you’ll need just six University of Melbourne graduate students, a bank account, a constitution (with some basic requirements that we will provide to you), a governing committee (for example, President, Treasurer and Secretary), a Group email address and to hold a meeting where your members vote to affiliate with us.

    To talk through the benefits of affiliating, find out what funding opportunities there are and discuss the affiliation process, feel free to book in with the Grad Groups team here. You can also email us at to get started.

    Book in to meet the Grad Groups team

    Useful resources

    To help you set up your Grad Group, we’ve compiled these templates:

    Joint affiliation

    We welcome joint affiliations for student clubs who wish to affiliate with GSA and UMSU. The guidelines for joint affiliation can be found here.

    Affiliate Form

    To submit your application to, please fill out all the sections below. You’ll need:

    • You group details and description
    • A copy of your Constitution
    • Your membership list and membership details
    • Your committee list
    • Minutes from the meeting where you voted to affiliate
    • Details of your bank account and signatories
    • Your group’s logo
    • Social media and contact details
    Grad Group Form (New affiliation)

    Your details

    Grad Group details

    Membership details

    Marketing and the GSA website

    Governance and official documentation

    Bank account details

    GSA affiliation

    Submission and declaration