Celebrating our Grad Group leaders – Soiree Night

Sachetha Bamunusinghe

Grad Groups are a key part of GSA: they are student-led initiatives that engage with thousands of graduate students. GSA currently has over 130 affiliated Grad Groups, with a diverse range of course-related or hobby-based interest groups.

On 8 August, we celebrated the work of our wonderful Grad Group leaders, the ones who work behind the scenes on a daily basis, by holding a Winter Soiree filled with mulled wine and food. It was fantastic to see leaders from different Grad Group committees networking with each other and sharing their experiences.

Key highlights of the night include giving out prizes (including First Aid and RSA subsidies for committees) and having the MD Choral and Acapella Society, one of our very own Grad Groups, perform!

As GSA Vice President and president of a Grad Group, I can see the importance of the GSA–Grad Group relations and look forward to strengthening these bonds.

As the semester kicks into gear, stay connected and keep an eye out for exciting Grad Group events and programs!

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