Board Member Nominee:

I am Bhavya Sharma, a student like all of you! Pursuing a Masters in Management. With a background in engineering and now marketing, I bring various skills required for problem solving and decision making to the table. Having exercised my leadership skills as the President of the Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSS), I understand the importance and relevance of community building. Fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for all graduate students is a commitment that I aim to deliver. As a graduate student myself I hold an understanding of challenges and aspirations that my peers hold and have always strived to shape experiences that are meaningful for them through club activities and collaborations. I am a big believer of sharing knowledge, through my social media handles I voice my life experiences as an international student with those who aspire to move away for studies. I am a proactive person who never shies away from taking responsibility or lending a hand. I’m very passionate about creating and having my passion projects come to life, whether it is hobbies, work, or simply whatever brings me joy. The process of creating is what keeps me motivated and committed.