Board Member Nominee:

As a representative of the graduate student and a student who has studied at the University of Melbourne for four years now, I value the importance of support from the university for us students. I believe that graduate students, especially coursework students, should receive more support from the university to aid our studies, research, and daily lives.

Therefore, I will advocate for the following:

1. Increase graduate student-only study spaces so that everyone does not need to rush to the library to find a seat.

2. Improve facilities in graduate student study spaces (e.g. providing tea, coffee and snacks, better decoration, dedicated printing machines, larger tables, and fridge), as a better study environment can enhance the enjoyment of learning and studying.

3. Provide free print credits for graduate students, especially for those with capstone projects, research, or similar.

4. Enhance the availability of computers, iPads, and monitors that can be loaned to graduate coursework students for free, enabling everyone to study and conduct research in the most efficient manner possible.

5. Increase welfare support for graduate students, including more welfare breakfasts and lunches, social activities, as well as welfare packs during the exam period.