Board Member and Environment, Sustainability Officer and Faculty of Arts Nominee:

I’ve worked across Oceania as a conservation & sustainability professional for the past decade, and I’m currently serving on the UniMelb staff Sustainability Advocate Forum in my part-time capacity as a Melbourne Centre for Cities employee. Linking student engagement and practice into the planning and operations of this campus is instrumental to the university achieving its decarbonisation and sustainability targets over the rest of the decade, and a cross-disciplinary approach is needed to properly embed best practice into students and staff alike concerning the need, as an institution, to generate environmental net benefit to the ecosystems University of Melbourne is responsible for safeguarding.

Environmental conservation and sustainability practice is a constant consideration of my research as a graduate student, my work as a professional, and underpins the ethics of my life at home when parenting my three children. I hope I can aid the GSA and University, at large, in helping University of Melbourne serve as an exemplar for sustainable practice at an institutional level. I’m always keen to discuss means of improving our practice, and hope I can make a lasting impact in the sustainability of this University beyond my time as a PhD. candidate.