Board Member Nominee:

Hi everyone, I’m Andi (she/her); as a current Architecture, Building and Planning Faculty Industry Advisory Board member and Melbourne school of Design Student Ambassador, I have showcased proficiency in organization management and stakeholder management within the University sector.

Having completed my Bachelor of Design degree at the university, I decided to pursue a Master of Construction Management while actively engaging in student engagement and employability enhancement initiatives. As an international student, I’m well-aware of the key issues that international students face. This understanding led me to serve as the Cultural and Social Officer for UMSU International in 2021. Subsequently, I commenced deep involvement in the Graduate Community as a Student Forum Delegate and Peer Mentor, acting as an executive committee member in both the Construction Students Association and Built Industry Group and voicing out for graduate students.

My journey with GSA backdated to 2022 when I was employed as the Information and Engagement Officer. As a GSA Board Member, I would bring my project management experience to ensure diligent resource utilization. Upholding values of integrity, responsibility, and transparency, I am committed to making strategic decisions that serve the best interests of all GSA members.