Board Member Nominee:

Hello! my name is Ally Tayler and I am extremely passionate about student welfare advocacy. The GSA portfolio is one that deals with supporting graduate students. The housing crisis, cost of living and general concerns relating to welfare are of great importance and directly impacts this cohort. I intend to help address these issues through food drive initiatives (with inclusive meals for all), advice and when appropriate referring on to more skilled professionals. More specifically, as a law student, I will provide support and advocate on behalf of all graduate students at the University. As a Peer mentor, I regularly meet with mentees to help them adjust to university life and assist them in identifying their academic and personal goals. I immensely enjoy guiding the next generation and passing on my experience, advice, and knowledge. During my undergraduate studies, I also volunteered with children diagnosed with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or generalized anxiety. Sessions took place on a farm environment with companion animals and focused on communication strategies and goal setting. Such work very much relies on an ability to work flexibly in a compassionate and supportive manner.