Grad Group administration

Grad Group management involves a lot of paperwork! We’ve set up these forms to make it a little easier for you to administer your Grad Group and ensure that GSA always has up to date documentation, so you can access your funding.

Update us

Use the Update Us form to let us know about any governance changes, such as change of committee members, change of bank account, updated membership lists using the provided template  and constitutional amendments.

As part of your affiliation with GSA, we require the current copies of the following from your Grad Group:

  • Constitution
  • Membership list, Committee list and Bank details.
  • AGM minutes
  • Logo
  • Grad Group general contact details

If any of the above change, use the Update Us form to submit your updated documents.

Update us here

AGM report

As part of your affiliation and constitution, your Group should hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. To complete the form below you will need:

  • a copy of your AGM minutes
  • new committee list (including contact emails and phone numbers for each committee member)
  • details of your outgoing committee, and
  • any other relevant documentation (such as your AGM PowerPoint, reports, or governance documents that changed as part of your AGM).

Please complete your AGM Report within two weeks of it taking place.

Submit your AGM Report

Annual report

To remain affiliated with GSA, you must complete an Annual Report at the end of every calendar year. GSA accepts Annual Reports between 1 November and 20 December each year.

To submit your report, you will require the following:

  • Details of your membership including:
  • Who can be a member
  • How potential members can sign up
  • Cost of membership
  • Membership numbers and breakdown
  • The following governance documentation:
  • Constitution
  • Current membership list (in either Excel or CSV file format)
  • Logo
  • Details of the following:
  • How your funding was spent (in line with SSAF categories)
  • Highlights and challenges of the past year
  • How you communicated with your members about GSA
  • Your Grad Group bank account and signatories
  • Why you wish to continue to affiliate with GSA
  • Any feedback or requests you have of GSA

Submit your Annual Report