Board Member, International Officer and Science Nominee:

GSA Board Member policy statement:

Hi there! I’m Aanchal Balse, an international student from Mumbai, India in my second year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program and I’m running for the position of GSA Board Member. Being a graduate student for almost 5 years coupled with my interactions with fellow graduate students at multiple GSA events has given me grass-root level insights into the major issues faced by the graduate student community that involve but are not limited to resource accessibility, inclusivity and effective advocacy. 

My policy priorities revolve around enhancing communication channels between the graduate students, the representatives, the Board and the university administration ensuring transparency and accountability across all levels of the decision-making processes. The GSA is by the students for the students and it is therefore important to actively seek and value YOUR input to shape policies and initiatives that directly impact YOUR university experiences.

My previous experience in Student Body Committees in my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees have equipped me with the necessary tools to work collaboratively with students, faculty and administration to empower our vibrant graduate student community to thrive academically, professionally and personally.

Remember to Vote [1] to support Student Livelihood, Responsible Governance and Uplifted University Experience. 


International Officer policy statement:

Namaste! I’m Aanchal Balse, an international student from the bustling city of Mumbai, India and I am vying for the position of International Officer for the GSA. My primary objective is to advocate to the unique needs and concerns of the international student community to help seamlessly integrate them into the university’s fabric while still celebrating their vibrant and diverse backgrounds. 

I hope to cultivate this by organizing more cultural events (Holi, Diwali, Lunar New Year, St. Patrick’s Day), information sessions, networking opportunities and forums for cross-cultural exchanges. 

With your support I will use this position and platform to establish robust support mechanisms, improving academic and personal resource accessibility, ensuring smooth transitions into University life and amplifying student voices to inform decision-making processes across all administrative levels. 

I hope to create a vibrant and inclusive environment to empower international students to thrive academically, socially and professionally.

Remember to Vote [1] to support Student Livelihood, Responsible Governance and Uplifted University Experience.