On Wednesday, the results of the recent postal survey into marriage equality in Australia will be released – so now seems like the perfect time to celebrate the incredible work of our friends at the Yes! campaign.

With so many great moments to choose from, we’ve had a tough time narrowing things down. For a while it looked like this post would be ‘our 74 favourite ‘YES!’ moments’ – but we eventually cut it down to 10.

So, here they are: GSA’s 10 favourite ‘YES!’ moments.

10. When Frances Abbott said “yes!”


Tony Abbott’s youngest daughter, Frances, stood up for her beliefs in a spectacular way.

“You can’t help who you fall in love with. It just doesn’t really make sense to me that it’s not allowed.”

9. The time the Mad Hatter danced for equality


“We support equal rights for all Australians. And so we say, “YES” to marriage equality because we believe that love is love.”

8. When religious leaders stood up for their beliefs in equality


“I feel my religious freedom is being curtailed by those groups who are stopping me from doing this because it is something they don’t want to do. If they don’t want to do it that’s fine, that’s their prerogative.”

7. The person who managed to get their cats to stay still for a rally


The many cat owners of GSA salute you.

6. The mass (illegal) gay wedding that happened in Melbourne


It’s been happening every year since John Howard changed the Marriage Act, and this year’s was the biggest ever!

5. When clothing company Gorman gave away 5,000 ‘Love is Love’ shirts


All you had to do was share a screenshot of your AEC enrolment confirmation.

4. That time Macklemore ‘politicised’ the NRL grand final


Tony Abbott said that “footy fans shouldn’t be subjected to a politicised grand final” after US rapper Macklemore announced his intention to perform his hit song ‘Same Love’ at the NRL grand final.

Later that week, ‘Same Love’ hit number one in Australia, and Macklemore promised to donate proceeds to the Yes campaign.

3. This gay agenda


March for our rights.

2. When the guy who helped win the Irish marriage equality referendum came over to help


“It’s really powerful for people to come together, but the next question is, what do you do as soon as it’s over,” he said.

“That job is for everyone who turns out to that to open their phones and not go to bed until every single person in their phonebook has been called.”

1. The time this ad brought a nation to tears


For every Bachelor and Bachelorette :’(