Volunteering is a great way to help your community and gain valuable skills in the process.

Volunteering opportunities

GSA is committed to helping graduate students prepare for the transition to work.

We’re excited to announce that we are now partnering with the Ardoch Youth Foundation to provide professional volunteering opportunities for grad students as part of our Mind the Gap series. 

By volunteering with Ardoch, you can gain mentoring skills and demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team, while giving back to our local community.


So, how can you get involved?

Become a numeracy buddy!

Help make a difference to school kids as one of 30 Numeracy ‘Big Buddies’.

Numeracy Buddies is a unique online education platform designed to encourage students to truly interact with learning maths.

‘Big Buddy’ volunteers (like you!) will help their Little Buddy with maths problems by responding to messages online. Help your Little Buddy solve problems and understand the value of maths.

Your commitment will be one hour every fortnight for six months. You can volunteer from anywhere with an internet connection!

Working with a local primary school, you’ll be able to help students to enjoy learning. At the end of the program, you’ll meet your Little Buddy when they visit GSA.

Applications are temporarily full – but you can still apply below to express your interest.


Become an Education Volunteer!

Gain intensive professional development by volunteering in a local primary school classroom.

We’re looking for Expressions of Interest to join this program, where you’ll have the chance to support local kids in their classrooms, helping with basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Express your interest now