Finishing your studies and getting into a career isn't an easy step – you need to mind the gap. These employability workshops and seminars are here to help.

What is Mind the Gap?

Mind the Gap is a series of programs aimed at preparing grad students for employability and life after graduation.

The program includes all kinds of different events, ranging from Q&A sessions with expert panellists to interactive workshops that delve deep into your personal and professional skills, dealing with questions such as:

  • How do you negotiate with different generations (e.g. baby boomers)?
  • How do you handle conflict at work?
  • How do you "manage up"?
  • What skills do you need to cope with life after study?

I'll be a straight-A student
And pass with flying colours
Get invited to do honours

I'll be a workplace dreamboat
Job interviews – I know it all
I'll be so damn employable...

—Alex Lahey, Ivy League (2016)


How do I join?

Mind the Gap sessions can be found by viewing our Workshops page. 

Just book your place when you've found the one for you!  

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This event was well organised and the content was satisfying. The team put a lot of effort into making it interactive and valuable for us.


[These workshops will] push participants just outside their comfort zone to achieve growth and to get their teachings to 'stick'. The facilitators model their own teachings & present new material, not just the same-old-same-old. Most helpful & constructive workshops I've attended.


This program was a real gift to me, thank you GSA! The workshops … are amazing. It's rare to have workshops that are so awakening and never boring.

Really liked concept of focus on strengths; I always thought the idea was to work on weaknesses which it turns out can result in mediocrity and wasted energy and lack of fulfilment. Great workshop.


A fantastic event, better than ever! Great job!

Great presenter, great group. Everything was perfect.

Dina Pozzo was great, I would definitely bring her back! Also meeting and having really good conversations with other postgrad students was a benefit I hadn't anticipated that came about partly as a result of the types of activities we were doing as partly as a result of the table setup – so that was really great.

Undoubtedly an excellent attempt for the welfare of the UoM students.

Worthwhile and thought provoking. Great supportive group. Thanks.

I am so looking forward to attend the other seminars of this series. Very happy to have this opportunity at Melbourne University.


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