GSA has meeting rooms for small and larger groups, including function space for almost 100 people. Free of charge for graduate students, there are projection and presentation facilities as well as kitchen access.

Gryphon Gallery

Capacity: 85
Size: 110m2

Location: Mezzanine floor, central 1888 Building

Multi-Function Room

Capacity: 85
Size: 100m2

Location: Second floor, Multi-Function Building (rear of 1888 Building)

Foundation Life Members Room

Capacity: 20
Size: 36m2

Location: Room 104 (first floor, central 1888 Building)


Wrigley room

Capacity: 12
Size: 17m2

Location: Room 116 (first floor west wing, 1888 Building)

Pierre Gorman Room

Capacity: 20
Size: 36m2

Location: Room 102 (first floor, central 1888 Building)

How do I book a room?

For booking enquiries, please contact GSA Reception:

Phone: (03) 8344 8657
Room G11, 1888 Building