Eligible graduate students are able to apply for a locker in the 1888 building. They are in high demand, and terms and conditions apply.


GSA administers over 250 lockers for graduate student use, with either 24-hour access or limited-hour access depending on your storage needs.

How much do lockers cost?

Nothing. They're free for all graduate students currently studying at the University of Melbourne. Credit card details are kept on record for security in the case of lost or damaged keys, in which case $50 will be charged.

You have lockers available 24/7?

We sure do! All graduate students currently studying at the University can access the 1888 Building at any time, day or night, by using their student card. If you don’t already have access on your student card, just visit Access Control at 213 Grattan Street during business hours to update your card.

How long can I have the locker?

Lockers are available for six months. These six months are counted from the day you pick up your key. We’ll send you a reminder email to return your key when your six months are almost up.

How are lockers allocated?

Locker applications are processed on a weekly basis, and are usually allocated for six months subject to your enrolment status and availability of lockers.


Lockers can be found in the following locations:

24-hour lockers
Limited-hour lockers
• G10
(graduate lounge)
• The Loft (Graduate Centre): 
• G23
(computer lab)
• Frank Tate Learning Centre (ground floor): 
• Room 105
• Room 121
(study room)
• Room 127 
(computer lab)
• Room 153 
(study room)
• Room 154 
(computer lab)

Note: Limited-hour lockers are available 7 days per week.

How do I apply?

It’s simple – just click 'Apply now' and fill out the application form.

Apply now

If your application is successful, you can expect an email within the following week containing information on how to collect your key.

I applied for a locker, but still haven’t heard back!

With thousands of graduate students but only 250 lockers available, the lockers are always in high demand. It might be that there aren’t any lockers available at this second – but don’t despair; we’ll keep your form on the waiting list for the next round and will assign you a locker as soon as one becomes available.

If you currently have a locker with us, you must return your key to get yourself a new locker. No extensions possible.

Can I extend my current locker?

Unfortunately extensions are not possible. To keep the system fair and ensure that all students have equal opportunity to use a locker during their studies, we require all students to return their key and re-apply for a new one.