Research students deserve to be supported to complete their degrees, not penalised. GSA are calling on the University to do the right thing.

Research Higher Degrees (RHD) Completions

The University of Melbourne has changed its policies around RHD course duration, introducing a hard cut-off date for students to submit their theses.

Increasing timely completions is a great goal, but this new system is unnecessarily harsh and negatively impacts currently enrolled research students.

That is why the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is calling on the University to amend its policies and invest in solutions that will help students complete on time.

Join GSA and UniMelb research students to fight for fair policies and a University that supports its graduate researchers.



Sign this petition to join GSA in calling on the Academic Board to amend the Graduate Research Training Policy so that the change applies only to research students who enrol on or after 1 January 2018, and to reintroduce a clause to allow extensions for compelling compassionate reasons.

Under the University's Academic Board Regulation, the Board is required to respond to a petition from a recognised student organisation such as GSA.