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The Student Services Fee should be made pro-rata with time period in which a student is enrolled.

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  • Penny Gleeson
  • 7 Apr 2017
  • 25 May

What do you want to see happen?

I believe to add a pro rata calculating basis to the calculation of the Fee would better represent the situation of PhD students whose start date is often flexible, particularly at a time when it is challenging meet costs.

Why do you want it?

As I understand it the student services fee is fixed according to the full or part time status of the student. It is not, however, payable (or at a reduced amount) for the year where a student enrols close to the end of the year. This date is in October.

For postgraduate students enrolled in a PhD the degree may start until, for example, in September of that year. The student will be charged the Student Services Fee according to a part time status. This is presumably to account for the later state date. However the 'part time' cost is 75% of the full Student Services Fee. This does not represent the duration of time that the student is enrolled.

I would like to see the basis for the Student Services Fee charged on a pro-rata basis in addition to on a course-load basis.

As I have had some trouble obtaining clear information from STOP 1 about the basis of this calculation it is possible that I am wrong about the above. If so I am sorry!

Evidence or research

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