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The GSA should establish breastfeeding rooms at 1888 building for graduate students.

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  • Anna Kosovac
  • 15 Jun 2017
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What do you want to see happen?

To support mothers at the university, and allow them to have a safe, clean space to breastfeed- otherwise, women tend to use bathrooms (which is not safe). The breastfeeding rooms that exist for Unimelb staff are not bookable, aren't always lockable, and are located in hard to find places.

It ensures that women can continue to study, or work, without feeling like they have to be at home. It is a great step towards gender equity within the University.

Why do you want it?

Have a clean, safe space for breastfeeding mothers allowing them to either express milk, or breastfeed their babies while at the University. The university has breastfeeding rooms, but many aren't lockable, and aren't readily accessible by students of other faculties.
Ideally, a breastfeeding room would be:
- lockable
- have a fridge for safe storing of expressed milk
- a table to continue doing work while breastfeeding/expressing
- potential to have the room be a bookable space.

Evidence or research

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