We provide funding to Graduate Groups according to group size. Find out more here.


Funding can be awarded in several formats:

  • Monthly reimbursements of receipts (for smaller groups)
  • 6-month transfers (for larger groups)
  • Print service accounts
  • Room setup accounts

Smaller groups can also be eligible for special grants.

Funding amounts are based on the number of members. Before funding is granted, you'll need to confirm your group size with GSA.

Find out more about funding

Confirming group size

Funding amounts are based on the following group size categories:

  • 6–50 students
  • 51–100 students
  • 101–500 students
  • 501–999 students
  • 1000+ students

One of the ways to confirm group size is with a list of member email addresses. Other methods, such as total Facebook page likes, can sometimes be used depending on the discretion of GSA Executive.

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