There are over 90 Graduate Groups affiliated with the Graduate Student Association. You can browse all our Graduate Groups here and contact them for more info.


Seeks to enhance the academic and social experiences of graduate research students in the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science through events, workshops and representation.


Publishes feature articles, peer reviewed articles, and book reviews from researchers who study the texts and archaeology of Greece and Rome, the ancient Near East and Egypt, as well as the Aegean. Postgraduates and early career researchers are especially encouraged to submit work to this peer reviewed journal.


A refereed arts and humanities journal edited by graduate students and published annually in association with the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Now in its twenty-fifth year, the journal is the oldest graduate student-organised journal in Australia.




Asia Institute Postgraduate Group

The Asia Institute Postgraduate Group supports postgraduate students researching Asia or the Middle East/ Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne. It aims to foster connections and encourage collaboration between students based in the Asia Institute and in other faculties and disciplines. The highlight of the AIPG's calendar is the annual Asia Institute Postgraduate Conference, and the group also regularly holds social events throughout the year, including a welcome dinner for new students at the beginning of each semester.

Asia Pacific Youth Organisation (APYO)

A non-profit youth organisation dedicated to offering opportunities for youth to understand and experience key legal, political, diplomatic, and economic issues facing the Asia Pacific region through a range of high quality academic and practical programmes

Australia Awards Scholars Club

This group is for Australian awards scholarship recipients. The club is aimed at providing networking opportunities for students from developing countries around the world, sharing and exchange of social and cultural diversity and truly making a feel at home environment for all recipients.

Bioinformatics Graduate Student Association

A social and professional network for students who use bioinformatics or computational biology for their research. Runs bi-semesterly social events, and a weekly journal club/writing gym.

Biosciences Postgraduate Society (BioPS)

A student-run group created specifically for the graduate students of the newly merged School of Biosciences. It aims to help balance out the lives of our students by providing both learning and socialisation opportunities,

Burnley campus postgraduate group

As a collection of forest ecologists, urban ecologists and agricultural scientists. As a smaller campus, the student group form an important part of campus life, hosting events that bring both staff and students together.


Is the first student-run organisation in affiliation with the GSA of Melbourne University to create a foundation that donates primarily to cancer charities and fosters student interest in both oncological research and clinical oncology.

Chemistry Postgraduate Society

This group was formed to give research students in the School of Chemistry a representative voice in the decision making process. It also aims to foster collegiality by holding regular social events attended by students and both academic and professional staff.

Chinese Studies Research Group (CSRG)

Meets several times a year on Fridays to discuss and share ideas and experiences relating to researching China, and holds regular Research Days to provide Chinese Studies researchers with the opportunity to share their knowledge.

CIS Postgraduate Group

Organises social, academic and liaison activities on behalf of graduate students in the Department of Computing and Information Systems.

Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate Group

Contributes to the academic and professional development of postgraduates within Classics and Archaeology by creating networks, facilitating conferences, symposia and other academic events at regular intervals through the year, and having a representative role.


Promotes physical and mental well-being of graduate students within the group.  The group will provide a friendly, enjoyable environment for participating in team sports and make these sports more accessible to graduate students.


Promotes Chilean students' research projects from all faculties of The University of Melbourne, providing Chilean Students communication with each other, and maintaining liaison with other students' organizations from Australia with interests in contingent students' research.


Criminology Graduate Students' Society (CGSS)

Provides a forum for communication, networking, information and support for criminology students. The CGSS organises social events and meetings, and aims to help graduate students excel at criminology both within and outside university.

Culture and Communication Graduate Committee

An independent, student-run committee which aims to provide fair and equitable representation for all graduate students within the School of Culture and Communications, this group builds a spirit of collegiality among graduate students and provide support and training for both research and coursework students.

De Minimis

The Melbourne Law School’s weekly student newspaper, with coverage of law school events and other things of interest to the law student. Organised and published by students, for students.

Earth Science Postgraduate group

Provides academic support to the graduate students of the department and promotes social interaction between all graduate students within the department and entire faculty. The group provides members a conduit through which they can interact with the wider university community and encourages communication of research ideas and collaborations.

Ecuadorian Research and Entrepreneurship Network

This association of researchers and entrepreneurs stems from the need of Ecuadorian graduate students to network in order to pool both personal and national development. This network is targeted to those who wish to work closely with like-minded, passionate individuals to bolster the development of Ecuador in a meaningful way, whether it be by producing cutting-edge research, entrepreneurship or social initiatives.



A non-profit student run organization that works to drive social change through the power of business. Projects target a broad range of social issues such as employment for the socially disadvantaged, urban rejuvenation to enhance public safety, as well as our international project aiming to develop sustainable livelihood or small enterprises in the developing worlds.

Forest Ecosystem Student Society

Representing students in the Department of Forest Ecosystem Science (DFES), this group enhances the academic and professional life of its members, works with the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), promotes learning opportunities, and promotes networking across Creswick, Parkville and Burnley campuses.

Geography Postgraduate Society (GPS)

Formally represents graduates at the School of Geography.  Creates a support network for graduate students and a range of social and academic activities and assists students in accessing software, equipment, and identifies training and funding opportunities to successfully undertake their research activities.

Global Law Students Association

The GLSA seeks out global career opportunities for Melbourne Law students, shares news of international transactions and discusses intricacies of current international relations. The goal of the GLSA is to provide its members with both information and access to international career opportunities and the chance to participate in programs and events designed to facilitate and foster interests and awareness of international legal issues. The GLSA also addresses specific concerns and issues faced by international students and provides ongoing support.

Graduate Agriculture and Food Society (GAFS)

A graduate group focussed on improving the student experience for graduate students within the department of Agriculture and Food Science. Our programs are thus aimed to enhance social and academic interaction between students in the AFS, to assist in providing academic and industry support for students and represent student's interests to the AFS administration.

Graduate Education Society (GES)

Provides a network for graduate students in the Melbourne School of Education. Offers social functions, general peer advice and support for students and a professional network to help students gain employment in the workforce.

Graduate House Student Group

Dedicated to encouraging and facilitating graduate socialisation by organising events and providing a format for members to take the initiative and reach out to others within the graduate community and at the Graduate House.

Graduate Infrastructure Engineering Society

GIES represents all graduate students enrolled through the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. We provide social connectivity and advocacy to students and work closely with academic staff to represent the student body.

Graduate Organisation of Development Studies (GOODS)

A postgraduate student group dedicated to supporting students in their academic, professional and social pursuits while at the University of Melbourne. It organises, facilitates and promotes extracurricular social events and activities that enable students the opportunity to share ideas, communicate and learn outside of the formal classroom setting.

Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRIPS)

Runs social and professional development events on topics ranging from systematic reviews to career options and develops the community of the School of Psychological Sciences.

Graduate Society of Advanced Learning and Leadership (GSALL)

This is a graduate student group centred on participants in the Graduate Certificate of Advanced Learning and Leadership, an enrichment course offered by the university for PhD students. Provides opportunities for ongoing social and professional engagement among past and present programme participants, as well as opportunities for networking on professional and community service projects.

History and Philosophy of Science Postgraduate Association

Facilitates communication among graduate students and staff through social events, research conferences and other activities. The group advances the interests of graduate students in the History and Philosophy of Science.

History Postgraduates Association

Represents the interests of graduate history students, organises events, works with the department and faculty in history and arts.


This group is an association of all graduate groups from IIT and IISc pursuing research at Melbourne University. The group aims to enhance the academic and professional life of the group members.


Exists to foster collaboration and communication of research ideas between all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate students, and non-indigenous students, while engaging and supporting undergraduate students and other Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who are interested in undertaking post-graduate study.

Inside Out Circle

Endeavours to provide a safe and supportive environment for members to practice healthy social behaviours through networking, information sessions, workshops and educational programs. This group of graduate students seeks to promote awareness of feelings and behaviours.

LAL Postgrad

Aims to increase graduate student visibility and activity within the School of Languages and Linguistics, facilitate postgraduate input into school decision-making, and provide opportunities for socialising and support for the School's graduate students.

Later Law Students’ Network

Plays an important gap-filling role by providing support and encouragement to students who may be facing external challenges while completing their JD, including (but not limited to): mature-age students, students returning to study after a period in work, students with children, students with other caring and family responsibilities, and students juggling work and other financial commitments.


Law Students for Refugees

The central aim of this graduate group is to advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. It draws on the technical skills of law to lobby and publicise the issue, engage the wider law student body in the issue, and provide support for civil society groups.

Masters of Social Work Student Group

Provides representation, academic and career development, and social events for Masters of Social students.


A group for University of Melbourne medical and allied health students with an interest in LGBTIQ/queer health and the medical profession. Aims to create a network of health-minded students for education, advocacy, policy development, socialising, support and professional development. Queers and allies are encouraged to join!

Mechanical Engineering Research Student Association (MERSA)

The Mechanical Engineering Research Student Association (MERSA) is a postgraduate student group aimed primarily at supporting the academic and professional life of fellow research graduate student in the mechanical engineering department. In addition, the group's aim is to enhance the social interaction and promote the welfare of fellow research graduate students and to act as a representative group of research graduate students within the department.


Aims to support the academic and professional life of fellow research graduate students in the mechanical engineering department. In addition, MERSA enhances the social interaction and promote the welfare of fellow research graduate students and to act as a representative group of research graduate students within the department.

Melbourne Business School Student Association (MBSSA)

Adds value to the study experience of MBS students through the provision of social and professional development events.


Organises events and field trips for students with an interest and/or specialisation in the energy engineering and/or energy commercial sector.  It also supports Sustainable Campus and other clubs and societies' initiatives related to energy and/or CO2 footprint reduction programs.

Melbourne Graduate Music Society (MGMS)

Seeks to provide peer support to fellow graduate students and thus foster communication of research ideas and collaborations, to represent graduate students in the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and to encourage social interaction.

Melbourne Population Health Students Association (MPHSA)

A community network for Public Health Students, Alumni and Staff at the University of Melbourne. This group aims to provide a platform that enables networks to be formed and strengthened beyond the classroom.


The aim of the club is to develop a strong cohort within the Civil and Structural community. This will be achieved via social events such as barbecues and trivia nights.

Melbourne University Genetics Postgraduate Society

Brings together the graduate students of the Genetics cluster and provides them with opportunities to enhance their social and academic lives. Organises activities that encourage networking between students in a more relaxed capacity. Provides a forum in which scientific and social themes are discussed and shared.


This group is the official student representative body of Melbourne Law School. It aims to facilitate and improve the quality of education in law, to link students with the profession, and to promote a fun learning community.

Melbourne University Nepalese Students' Society

This group is a networking society for students, alumni and staff of the University of Melbourne, who are originally from Nepal. It organises meetings, workshops and conferences on development, education and governance-related issues pertaining to Nepal; publishes proceedings and other independent articles through publications, including website and blog; and offers information dissemination and facilitation about study and work in Australia and about Nepalese culture, study, tourism and life.


This group represents students of the Nursing associated post graduate qualification. It runs social, education and charitable events, assists new students with settling into the course and provides a link between students and academic staff.

Melbourne University Planning Student Society (MUPSS)

Connecting people through a culture of inclusiveness, mutual relationships and fun, this group seeks to bridge the pathway to employment, promote planning as a discipline and help make the Melbourne School of Design a great place to study.

MSD Research Students Association

An independent student group that is run by, and for, graduate students in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

Neuropsychology Students Society

An independent, non-profit student group that is designed to cater to the needs of clinical neuropsychology postgraduates from a wide variety of institutions. Undergraduates and early career clinicians also attend the events run by this group.

One Health Research Society

The first multidisciplinary network that gathers graduate students from the University of Melbourne with common interests in health issues at the animal-human interface (One Health). One Health Research Society is a multidisciplinary scientific hub that facilitates the collaboration of researchers at the University and internationally and promotes the One Health paradigm to the University and the wider community.


This group is dedicated to promoting the social and emotional well-being of all students conducting research in the Department of Optometry and Vision Science.


Organises monthly academic seminars and social events for graduate students in the Department of Pathology, and provides a focus for representative efforts in intradepartmental graduate student support and advice.

Persian Art and Culture

The aims of this graduate group are to present Iranian culture and art, organise Persian cultural events and activities, and provide education and training to students.

Philosophy Postgraduate Group

Organises social and academic events for graduate students studying philosophy, and is also involved in representation and advice.

Physiology Postgraduate Student's Society (PPSS)

Aims to encourage postgraduate students to network, both within their department and between other departments, and to be credible platform through which students can voice any concerns/opinions with senior staff members.

Platform: Journal of Media and Communications

An open-access online graduate publication, refereed by an international board of established and emerging scholars working across diverse paradigms in media and communications, and edited by graduate students at the University of Melbourne.

Postgraduate Association of Chemical and Engineering Researchers (PACBER)

This group enhances the student experience of graduate student chemical engineers, provides a representative voice and organising social events as well as professional and academic development.

Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN)

An environmental networking group devoted to promoting events and issues to the Masters of Environment students.  PEN is open for anyone to join, with its core membership made up of graduate and alumni. Seeks to facilitate social and networking events amongst environmentally conscious people and encourage students to build their networks early on in their careers.

Postgraduate Physics’ Society

To provide a place for social interaction between graduate physics students at the University of Melbourne.

Postgraduate students of Anatomy Society (PSOAS)

This group provides support to all research students in Anatomy and Neuroscience and enhances the student experience through the organisation of social events.

Postgraduates at Werribee (PAWS)

Exists to represent the graduate students studying at the off-campus Veterinary Faculty in Werribee, and runs events to assist students in breaking isolation and in developing their careers and research.

Postgraduates of Veterinary Science (POVS) Student Society

Represents the interests of graduate students in Veterinary Science by running academic and social events, creating a support network, and sitting on committees or proposing changes.

School of Health Sciences Graduate Group

This Graduate Group seeks to enhance the academic, social and professional life of graduate students within the School of Health Sciences. It offers support to graduate students and seeks to foster the communication of research ideas and collaborations.


This group’s aim is to organise professional development opportunities, social events and to advocate for Master of Social Work students.

Special Postgraduate Association for Students of Immunology and Microbiology (SPASM)

Encourages scientific and social interaction between the staff and students of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology by organising scientific and social events, and informing the department about upcoming scientific and social events organised by SPASIM and external organisations.

Sri Lankan Graduates’ Society (SLGS)

This group aims to represent the interests and activities of Sri Lankan graduate students at the University of Melbourne. It runs regular and large welfare and social and charity events.

St Vincent's Student Society (SVSS)

Promotes St Vincent's Hospital as an enjoyable and stimulating environment to undertake research and organises social activities for student members throughout the year.

Statistics and Mathematics Postgraduate Society (STAMPS)

A statistics and mathematics graduate student society at the University of Melbourne. The group organises social lunches, talks and the occasional pub trivia evening.

Student Conservators @ Melbourne

To raise the profile of conservation in the University and wider community, act as a point of contact between students and staff involved in conservation, and provide networking, professional development and social opportunities for students in conservation.

Student Conservators for Timor Leste

This group aims to work within the memorandum and build relations between the University of Melbourne and Universidade Nacional Timor-Leste (UNTL). It is a dynamic group that works on current and future projects shared by the two institutions for the advancement of Timor-Leste’s cultural heritage conservation.

Students in Primary Care Research

This group fosters and maintains peer support among graduate students in the Department of General Practice, facilitates professional development and study skill opportunities and promotes and enhances the value of research higher degree studies in primary health care research.

Students of Brain Research (SoBR)

A social and academic network designed to connect graduate students and early career researchers in the fields of neuroscience and brain research from across Melbourne.

Students of Pharmacology (StOP)

This group encourages social and academic learning, both within the department and interdepartmental, develops opportunities for networking and provides social activities for students in Pharmacology.

Students of Royal Melbourne (STORM)

This group supports all students who are situated at or affiliated with the Royal Melbourne Hospital and enrolled at the University of Melbourne, which includes from all departments in the academic centre (medicine, surgery, psychiatry and radiology). The group enhances academic and professional life, encourages social interactions, provides academic support, and represents the centre's graduate students.

Students of the Florey Institute (SOFI)

Since 1999, this group has aimed to enhance the academic and professional life of graduate students at the Howard Florey Institute, and also to encourage social interaction within the Florey Neuroscience Institute (FNI), the University of Melbourne, and other Institutes in Melbourne and beyond. The purpose of our group is to provide students with a representative and active voice across the institutes and to provide a variety of social and academic events to support and assist students.

Taiwan Research Reading Group

An academic student group that meets to discuss and communicate Taiwan-related research, and provides support for scholars (mainly graduate students) whose research is concerned with or undertaken in Taiwan. Warmly welcome new members.

The Childrens Campus Research Students' Association

Represents the all research students at Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, The Royal Children’s Hospital and the University Of Melbourne Department Of Paediatrics. Helps these students come together to share ideas, network and support each other both academically and socially.


This group is the peak representative body for medical students. It offers a range of programmes including advocacy for community causes and student well-being, as well as peer mentoring and regular social events.


Represents a student-run non-profit organisation that aims to provide students with professional and educational development, and increase the collaboration between the multiple fields within the property industry.

University of Melbourne Space Program (UMSP)

By harnessing the launch capabilities of leading international space agencies, the UMSP is currently working towards placing University of Melbourne satellites in orbit around the Earth under the supervision of Professor Stan Skafidas. This group was initiated by a group of students in 2014 and seeks to reach and engage the graduate student community for recruitment and publicity.


Promotes knowledge and experience in wilderness/expedition medicine, as well as providing a platform through which medical students interested in the outdoors can liaise and organise trips and events.