Friday, 06 Oct 14:00


Multifunction Room
Level 1, 1888 Building (Graduate Student Association), University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3010, Victoria



This workshop is designed to show thesis graduate students how to take data and turn it into maps. This includes data that already has location data included, like pictures from mobile phones, as well as how to add positional information to non-spatial data after it has been collected.

A free GIS program, QGIS, (available for both Windows and Mac) will be used to create publishable-quality maps from various sources; spreadsheets, pictures from mobile phones, online materials, a  range of traps for young players and some professional tips and tricks to avoid them. 

There’s no need to bring a computer or your thesis along, and you’ll be given a handout.

Presenter: Michael McBain originally worked in scientific publishing, but subsequently went on to a career as a faculty and research manager in several Victorian universities, including the University of Melbourne. He maintains his interest in publishing, and has taught word and thesis courses for over twenty years, during which he has revamped and tamed over fifty doctoral theses. He has been loosely involved with public 'big data' projects like GovHack, Melbourne Open Data, and 'Shut Up and Hack'. He holds degrees in science, arts, information management, and spatial science.


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