Friday, 01 Sep 19:00


Plaza Ballroom
191 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC



It's the largest cross-faculty social event of the year: the Annual Graduate Ball.

But this time, something's wrong. The flowers aren't blossoming, and the trees aren't bursting with leaves, even though it's the first day of spring. As you descend the stairs of the illustrious Plaza Ballroom, the shadows seem to cling to your clothes with an unnatural chill, as though winter never died after all. Dark shapes flit back and forth at the edges of your vision, skittering away before you can catch them in direct sight. The illustrious Ballroom, carved out of the bowels of the earth by forces unknown, seems overgrown with wiry tentacles of creeping plantlife and billowing mist.

You manage to shake off the shadows with a shudder. It's just your imagination, you tell yourself. Everything is normal; it's just another night. You're here to have fun with your friends. But as the tendrils of mist gather around your feet, seeming to take hold, you can't help but wonder if you've made a terrible mistake coming here – or if this is all just a nightmare.


Prepare yourself for the Nightmare Ball!

Your ticket includes:

  • Entry to the unparalleled Plaza Ballroom: a hidden, underground mansion lost in time and darkness
  • All your drinks for the night (including wine, cider, beer and soft drink)
  • A three-course meal: dinner, dessert, and – of course – second dinner.
  • An Awards ceremony, where selected members of the university community are recognised for their contribution
  • A frightful night of dancing and creeping dread/frivolity
  • Photo opportunities galore


Community awards at the Ball

This year, GSA will be presenting awards to notable graduate students and Graduate Groups in our community. 

The awards are:

  1. GSA Graduate Group of the Year
  2. GSA Student Leader of the Year
  3. Outstanding Contribution to the University Community
  4. Outstanding Contribution to a non-Parkville Campus
  5. President's Award

Nominations have now closed. Nominees will be contacted if they have been shortlisted.

The winners of these awards will be announced during the Nightmare Ball!

Please note: this event is over-18s only.

Photograph and video content may be recorded during the event.

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