Monday, 24 Apr 10:30


Multifunction Room
Level 1, 1888 Building (Graduate Student Association), University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3010, Victoria



This 2-hour workshop is designed to create awareness of the basics of fundraising, the skills and knowledge you need to better fund your ideas and be a leader in your community.

You will learn how to find grants, understand them, work with people, and write and present the best possible grant applications as part of an overall funding strategy to take your project from idea to reality.

The skills and knowledge you will learn are transferable and you will be able to put them into practice in securing funding from GSA, the University or the wider community. Come along and meet other students seeking grants.

Refreshments will be provided. Booking in without attending is not acceptable.

Presented by GSA and the University of Melbourne (Student Success)

Drop in and learn more about the student engagement grants program

There'll also be a 30-minute drop-in service after the session from 12:30pm with Student Success in the Multifunction Room, where you can learn more about the Student Engagement Grants Program. You have an opportunity to submit a grant in May!


GSA Programs Agreement 

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